NCARB Annual Meeting and Conference
June 20-23, 2007
Denver, CO

Washington, DC—During the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ Annual Meeting and Conference in Denver, CO delegates representing 52 of the Council’s 54 Member Boards that oversee the practice of architecture voted on the following resolutions:

Resolution 07-1: “Rules of Conduct Amendment – Incorporating Architect’s Primary Duty to the Public’s Health, Safety and Welfare” 
Passed: 52-0

Resolution 07-2: “Bylaw Amendment - Member Board Executive to Serve on the Board of Directors”
Passed: 50-1

Resolution 07-3: “Bylaw Amendment - Public Director to Serve on the Board of Directors” 
Passed: 48-3

Resolution 07-4: “Handbook Amendment – Treating CACB-Accredited Degrees the Same as NAAB-Accredited Degrees for Prior Versions of the ARE” 
Passed: 52-0

Resolution 07-5: “Rules of Conduct Amendments – Receipt of Compensation From More than One Party and in Connection With Specifying or Endorsing a Product” 
Passed: 52-0

Resolution 07-6: “Bylaw Amendment – Notice of Annual Meeting and Conference” 
Passed: 52-0

Resolution 07-7: “Model Regulations Amendment – Continuing Education 12 Units to be in Health, Safety and Welfare Subjects” 
Passed: 52-0

Resolution 07-8: “Handbook and Model Law Amendment – ARE Timing: NCARB Required Eligibility to Complete the ARE” 
Passed: 43-9 as amended

Resolution 07-9: “Model Law Amendment – ARE Timing” 

Resolution 07-10: “Model Law Amendment – Adopting a Definition of Health, Safety and Welfare” 

Resolution 07-11: “Revisions Model Regulations Amendment –Sustainable Design” 

Resolution 07-12: “Continuing Education Credit for NCARB Activities” 
Passed: 46-6