More than 42,000 architects have an NCARB Certificate—a prestigious credential that facilitates licensure across borders, provides access to free continuing education, and more.

How to Apply for NCARB Certification

Ready to get NCARB certified? First, you will need to establish or reactivate your NCARB Record. Next, you will need to document the following requirements.

Requirements for NCARB Certification

Application Process

Once you have met all of the requirements for certification and NCARB has received proof of registration from your board, we will evaluate your Record. The evaluation response time is approximately 30 days. Once the evaluation is complete, you will receive an email confirming you have met the requirements for certification, be issued a Certificate number, and be asked to pay any remaining fee(s). The cost associated with establishing and maintaining an NCARB Certificate can be found on our fees page. To learn more about applying for the NCARB Certificate, download the Certification Guidelines.

If you would like an update on the status of your certification application, please contact us.