If you are an architect documenting experience for credit toward the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®), the process is slightly different than reporting experience as a licensure candidate.

Whether you are licensed in the United States or are licensed abroad and completing the foreign architect path, the five-year reporting requirement that is in place for candidates does not apply to you. All of your experience that qualifies for the AXP is eligible for 100% credit toward your total requirement. To learn more about what qualifies for the AXP, read our AXP Guidelines

To submit an experience report as a licensed architect, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My NCARB
  2. Go to your NCARB Record and click “Experience”
  3. Select “+ New AXP Experience Report”
  4. Select your experience setting (A or O)
  5. Enter your employment or select your other experience type, then select the report format you will be using:
    • You can submit a “Duration Only” report, which simply indicates that you were employed by the employer listed on the report during the stated time period. (You will not be able to add hours in this reporting format.)
    • You can submit a “Bulk” report, which will allow you to report an average number of hours per week of the report’s time period.
    • You can also submit a “Weekly” report, which will allow you to report your hours in a timesheet format and submit weekly.
  6. Enter your hours; your report will save automatically
  7. Review your report and submit it to your supervisor

Similar to the process for licensure candidates, your qualified AXP supervisor will need to review the experience report and approve it.

Two Times AXP

If you are an architect pursuing an NCARB Certificate through the Education Alternative, please do not begin documenting experience until you have received approval. Once you are made eligible for the  Two Times AXP path, you will receive additional instructions from NCARB on reporting hours, as well as how many hours you need to complete based on experience already reported in My NCARB.