NCARB is committed to promoting the highest standards of ethics and integrity within the architecture profession. Ethical behavior is a fundamental requirement of practicing architecture and ensuring each licensed professional upholds their duty to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Ensuring ethical practice of architects and licensure candidates—including avoidance of discrimination and harassment, the role and behavior of AXP supervisors, and the conduct of ARE candidates—is an essential part of NCARB’s mission.

The NCARB Model Rules of Conduct

To help each of the 55 U.S. architectural licensing boards uphold ethical standards within their individual jurisdictions, NCARB has developed our Model Rules of Conduct. The document serves as a national framework that can be adapted by each jurisdiction. In addition, architects who hold the NCARB Certificate are required to certify that they are aware of the Model Rules of Conduct when they renew their Certificate each year. Learn more about the development of the Model Rules of Conduct.

If you’d like to report misconduct that violates NCARB’s policies or Model Rules of Conduct, please email

Disciplinary Actions

As part of our service to the U.S. licensing boards, NCARB maintains a secure database of disciplinary actions taken by individual boards. This database enables boards to make important decisions regarding reciprocal licensure, helping protect consumers from fraud and malpractice.

In addition, NCARB maintains a public list of individuals who have been reprimanded directly by NCARB’s Board of Directors for exam infringements and other professional violations, per NCARB's Professional Conduct Committee's Rules of Procedure.