In addition to NCARB’s secure database of actions taken by the 55 licensing boards members, NCARB maintains a list of individuals who have been publicly reprimanded by NCARB’s Board of Directors. There are currently no active public reprimands.

Disciplinary Action Process

The majority of NCARB’s disciplinary actions are issued as a response to actions taken by one of the U.S. licensing boards. In some cases, such as misconduct by an Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidate, NCARB may take disciplinary action independently of a licensing board.

In such cases, NCARB’s Board of Directors makes a final disciplinary decision based upon the following actions:

  1. After being made aware of the misconduct, NCARB staff conduct a thorough investigation into the situation.
  2. Any relevent findings are reported to NCARB’s Professional Conduct Committee, which is made up of volunteer architects and other professionals.
  3. The Professional Conduct Committee reviews the case in terms of any violation of NCARB’s standards of professional conduct, including the ARE Candidate Agreement.
  4. The Professional Conduct Committee recommends any suggested disciplinary action determined per the committee’s Rules of Procedure to NCARB’s Board of Directors.
  5. The Board of Directors reviews the case and acts upon the Professional Conduct Committee’s recommendations.
  6. Any disciplinary action taken is reported to the appropriate jurisdiction’s licensing board.