Whether you’re working to become an architect, are already licensed in the United States, or began your architecture career internationally, NCARB has resources that can help you take the next steps toward licensure and NCARB certification.

Licensure Resources

Post-Licensure Resources

  • NCARB Certification Guidelines: The NCARB Certificate facilitates licensure across borders, provides access to free continuing education, and more. Learn how to get certified by downloading our Certification Guidelines
  • Education Alternative: If you don’t have a degree from an accredited architecture program, you can still get certified through one of our education alternative pathways.
  • Continuing Education: NCARB publishes new continuing education courses each month, which you can take online from the comfort of your home or office. Free for NCARB Certificate holders, and $25 for non-certified architects!
  • Supervisor Resources: If you’re supervising a candidate who’s navigating the experience program, be sure to review our suite of resources for AXP supervisors—including how-to tutorials, a free training course worth CE credit, and more.
  • International Reciprocity: Through the NCARB Certificate, NCARB offers international reciprocity in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Learn how you can expand your reach internationally.

International Applicants

  • Foreign Architect Path: For individuals who have a license to practice architecture in a country outside the United States or Canada, our Foreign Architect Path to Certification can simplify the process of becoming licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction. Plus, check out this manual for a detailed explanation of the process.
  • Foreign Educated Path: If you earned your architectural education abroad but aren’t licensed, you can meet the education requirement for licensure by having an EESA evaluation. Not sure which path is right for you? Learn more.

Staying Connected

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