The road to becoming an architect is less complicated than you might think, and NCARB is here to help. Watch our quick guide of the steps toward earning a license, which typically include: 

•    Starting your NCARB Record
•    Finding a school with a NAAB-accredited program that fits your career goals
•    Earning and documenting professional experience through the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP™)  
•    Finding firms that support your path to licensure and connecting with architect licensing advisors
•    Completing the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 

Once you have completed your education, experience, and examination requirements, plus any other requirements your jurisdiction might have, NCARB will send your Record to your jurisdiction so you can receive your license and officially call yourself an architect. Once licensed, you can apply for the NCARB Certificate, which can help you expand your professional reach in multiple states or even abroad. There is no end to where an architecture license can take you—get started today!