How Our Volunteers Help Shape the Profession

Each year, around 200 architects volunteer to serve on NCARB committees. They come from all over the country with diverse experience levels and backgrounds. Volunteers include architects from large and small firms, recently licensed architects, interns, educators, and an occasional lawyer and engineer. The Council’s goal is to use the volunteers’ expertise and knowledge to ensure our programs reflect practice today.

In the last few years in particular, we have made an effort to make sure the next generation of architects is represented in our deliberations. Proposals from the 2012 and 2013 Intern Think Tanks are being considered as the Council looks to revamp the Intern Development Program. Plus, interns and recently licensed architects were invited to be a part of the Licensure Task Force, which is examining additional paths to licensure. Emerging professionals will also be a part of the Future Title Task Force, which will kick off this year and is charged with examining the title debate.

All of the volunteers are dedicated to making the path to licensure as efficient and clear as possible for this generation of emerging professionals, as well as the next. Be on the look out for opportunities to serve throughout the year. Applications for the 2015 Intern Think Tank will be available early next year.

You can check out our volunteers in action in the photo section of NCARB’s Facebook page, and you can read an overview of what the committees worked on in 2014 in the Volunteer Reports section of the 2014 Annual Report.

Editor's Note: Links in this blog post were updated in April 2016.