How to Make the Most of ARE 4.0’s Final Months

If you’re testing in ARE 4.0, it’s important—now more than ever—to take stock of where you are and make certain you’re on a path toward success. With just a few months left before ARE 4.0 retires, here are some key dates you should be aware of, plus answers to some frequently asked questions.

ARE 4.0 Retires on June 30, 2018

As we first announced almost four years ago, the last day to test in ARE 4.0 is June 30, 2018. After that date, the exam will no longer be available in any test center. The scoring process will remain the same, so candidates who test in late June might not receive their scores until early July. It’s okay if your score report is released after June 30—remember, you just need to take your division(s) by that date.

Retake Policy Remains the Same

The retake policy also stays the same: if you fail a division, you can retest in that same division as early as 60 days after your previous attempt. Wondering if you’ll be able to fit in one more division before June 30? Here’s the minimum timeframe to test, retest, and retest again before ARE 4.0 retires:

ARE 4.0 Timeline

Keep in mind, you can only take a division three times within a 12-month period, so if you’ve tested in any division on or after July 1, 2017, you’ll have at most two attempts remaining.

Testing Strategies

  • Plan ahead. Candidates who haven’t passed all ARE 4.0 divisions by June 30 will need to complete their examination requirement by testing in ARE 5.0. You can use the Transition Calculator to determine which ARE 5.0 divisions you’ll receive credit for and which ones you’ll still need to take.
  • Be flexible. Prometric test centers will continue to fill up over the next few months, and candidates planning to test in May or June may have difficulty finding an appointment. If that happens to you, consider different times, days, or even test centers to maximize your opportunities to test. Remember, the ARE is not the only exam administered in Prometric test centers.
  • Don’t wait! Testing in March or April may give you more scheduling options at the test center, plus it leaves you time for retesting if needed.

What happens on July 1?

It depends. For most candidates, after you log into your NCARB Record and open your Exams tab, the system will transition you to ARE 5.0. Any ARE 5.0 credits that you’ve earned will be assigned based on the Transition Calculator. You’ll be able to schedule your first ARE 5.0 division right away.

For some candidates, the system will not be able to immediately transition you to ARE 5.0.

  • If you completed ARE 4.0, you will not be transitioned to ARE 5.0. Congratulations! You’re done.
  • If you’ve recently tested in ARE 4.0 and are still waiting on a score report, you will not be able to transition until your score is posted. Don’t worry; as soon as the score posts and you view your Exams tab, you’ll be transitioned to ARE 5.0 if you still have divisions left to complete.
  • If you have testing accommodations that include extra breaks or extended time, you will need to contact NCARB's Customer Relations team to transition. You’ll also see a message about this on your Exams tab.

Getting Started in ARE 5.0

Once you transition to ARE 5.0, NCARB is still here to support you! Check out the many resources we offer, including the ARE 5.0 Handbook and ARE 5.0 Demo Exam, and join the ARE 5.0 Community to connect with NCARB moderators and fellow ARE 5.0 test-takers.