Onward and Upward

It’s spring, and change is in the air here at NCARB. We’re gearing up to launch several new initiatives that benefit interns and emerging professionals. 

Innovation and IDP

First, our Board of Directors is considering several options to revamp the Intern Development Program (IDP). For more than a year, the Council has been looking at ways to make the program more efficient for those seeking licensure. We’ve been working with our partner organizations, volunteers from state boards, and even interns like you. Members from our 2012 and 2013 Intern Think Tanks put together several options to move the program forward. We expect to announce some possible modifications to the IDP this summer. 

We’re also hard at work developing more resources to help you take control of your internship process. While everyone has to complete the IDP and ARE, there’s more than one way to go about it. Clearly explaining all of your options and giving you the resources to make the best decision for your career is one of our top priorities. 

ARE 5.0: Plan Your Path

Perhaps you’ve heard about a little thing called ARE 5.0. It will launch in late 2016, and we released the transition plan earlier this month. The move to ARE 5.0 will be a major shift in how the exam is structured, requiring those testing over the next few years to carefully consider their plan for taking the test. 

While changing the exam is never popular, it is necessary to ensure that those in the process are being evaluated for competencies that are necessary to practice architecture today. The best course of action for anyone in the process is to stay informed and to use the resources available to plan your course of action. 

[What’s Different] [Plan Your Approach] [FAQs

Additional Paths to Licensure

One of the initiatives we are most excited about is our joint effort with our partner organizations to create a path to licensure that could be completed upon graduation from an accredited program. While this will be a multi-year effort, the first year has been extremely productive. The diverse group has examined where portions of an accredited degree program, the IDP, and the ARE overlap to reduce redundancies. They also looked at schools that offer programs designed specifically to get students ready for licensure. Still in the early stages, the task force plans to create and implement a program in one or two jurisdictions to test the additional path. 

[Licensure Upon Graduation

All of these initiatives are part of our commitment to ensure the path to licensure is as efficient as possible while maintaining the public’s health, safety, and welfare. In addition we are continuing to invest in new technology to help make your interactions with us as seamless and efficient and possible. We hope you are taking advantage of all the new features in My NCARB, like subscribing to the news and updates that pertain to you, checking out our new IDP mobile app, and viewing your exam history in My Examination.