Top Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

A little over five years ago, we crafted a list of popular architecture-related Instagram accounts worth following—and now we're back with an updated list! After searching for some of the most influential Instagram accounts for architects (and future architects), we took to Instagram to ask you which profiles were your top go-tos for inspiration, creativity, illustrations, or just simple aesthetic pleasure. In no particular order, here are eight accounts we recommend.

1.  @shesthearchitect

Head over to this feed and celebrate the work and impact that women make in the world of architecture. The featured designs, inspirational quotes, and mini-history lessons all serve as a reminder that a profession that was once deemed male-driven has always been supported by contributions from women architects.

2. @marioromanoca

Step into the future of architecture. Designer Mario Romano takes 3D printing to another level with his exclusive line of multidimensional walls, dubbed “walls without limits.” It’s no surprise that his page is filled with futuristic structures of all colors to embody his love for curves, light, and complexity.

3. @buildingsciencefightclub

Sure, you’ve seen cool-looking buildings and construction projects before, but have you seen them marked up with annotated field conditions? Architectural designer Christine Williamson brings her passion for teaching building science and construction to life on this exciting page—perfect for those always craving to learn more (in a fun way of course).

4. @arch_more

Nothing says community building more than daily submissions! While this feed is sure to provide you with some heavy inspo from thousands of sketches submitted by architects from all over the world, consider submitting and showcasing your own work, too.

5. @modtexas

The Lone Star State is known for its live music, BBQ, and its hot temperatures, but what about modernism? With the help from architecture and design fans, this project showcases striking mid-century structures—bolstering with bright colors and crazy shapes—in Texas. To keep things fun, they have monthly themes for fan submissions. This month’s theme is brutalism.

6. @thearchiologist

Are you an architecture student? If so, this may be the one for you. This collaborative feed showcases worldwide architecture student projects and ideas. Bonus points: they also offer fun quizzes and podcasts, as well as post job openings on their highlighted stories.

7. @bobborson

The people have spoken, and they’re still loving Bob Borson's content! Borson’s feed provides insight on creativity and the day-to-day experience of an architect. By sharing his sketch tutorials and other helpful tips, he puts a face to the profession and makes it more personable and approachable for budding architects.

8. @architecture_hunter

Every architectural structure has a story, and its Architecture Hunter’s mission to share as many with the entire world. Created in 2013, and now hailing over 2 million followers, the feed features an infinite amount of design gems. If you’re as passionate at showcasing your love for architecture as they are, consider becoming an #archihunter. 

While you're exploring these noteworthy architecture-related feeds, consider following NCARB's  account for the latest program updates, resources, and more.  Who knows, you may be featured on our feed very soon!

What’s your favorite architecture Instagram account? Let us know in comments.