Whether you’re an aspiring architect looking to build your skills or just exploring the world of architecture, what better way is there to learn than a tutorial or a detailed explanation video? That’s why we’ve created this list of YouTube channels that feature architectural tutorials, first-hand experiences, and short courses to help you accomplish your professional goals and become a licensed architect! 

  1. How to Architect
    Doug Patt, the channel’s founder, created How to Architect to help architects with projects big and small. With tutorials covering architectural terms, models, style types, and much more, How to Architect guides architects and emerging professionals through daily tasks and common projects.
  2. Unraveling Architecture
    Unraveling Architecture dives into the complex world of architecture, design, and art—providing tutorials, interesting building analysis, student advice, breakdowns of terminologies, and more!
  3. Architectural Digest
    Architectural Digest provides access to the world’s most beautiful homes, outstanding design elements, and those who have worked on these grandeur projects.
  4. 30x40 Design Workshop
    The 30X40 Design Workshop, founded by Eric Reinholdt, features videos about architecture, design, tutorials, portfolios, and design advice for students and professionals alike. The 30X40 Design Workshop also shares short architecture courses and much more to continue to push candidates and architects further on their path.
  5. Archi Hacks
    Archi Hacks features resources for architects and designers—showing project success and how to apply their techniques to create your own creative endeavors.
  6. The SketchUp Essentials
    The SketchUp Essentials focuses on bringing valuable sketch lessons and tutorials to designers interested in learning 3D modeling.
  7. BYoung Design
    Design Create Inspire is an architecture channel focused on supporting emerging professionals as they achieve their professional goals and become architects.                                                                                                              
  8. NCARB
    As a leader in the regulation of the practice of architecture NCARB shares videos featuring policy changes, tips, and experiences from industry leaders to continue to support emerging professionals and architects alike.

NCARB’s blog also features important updates, advice for architects and candidates, and much more—check out our latest updates!