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What is the difference between a My NCARB account and an NCARB Record?

A My NCARB account is a free service that provides access to several NCARB resources, such as the ARE 5.0 demonstration exam. If you would like to establish an NCARB Record, you will first need to sign up for a My NCARB account.

If you are an AXP supervisor or mentor, you only need a free account to access your candidate’s experience reports. Learn more about reviewing experience reports.

What is NCARB?

NCARB is a nonprofit organization made up of the architectural licensing boards of the 55 U.S. states and territories. We develop and administer the national programs for licensure candidates and architects that individual boards use to regulate architecture within their jurisdiction.

What is an NCARB Record?

An NCARB Record is a verified online file of your professional history—including your education, experience, and examination details, as well as your current registration and certification credentials, if applicable.

You will need an NCARB Record to complete the AXP, ARE, and NCARB certification process. At your request, NCARB can also transmit your Record to a jurisdiction to facilitate reciprocal licensure.

What are NCARB’s operating hours?

NCARB’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.,  except federal holidays.

I have a question/concern. Who should I contact?

Contact our Customer Relations team for help. Have an exam question? Reach out to our experts on the ARE 5.0 Community.

How much does an NCARB Record cost?

Visit our fees page to learn more about the costs associated with your NCARB Record.

How do I report misconduct?

If you’d like to report misconduct that violates NCARB’s policies or Model Rules of Conduct, please email whistleblower@ncarb.org.

How do I renew my NCARB Record?

You can easily renew your Record online. Simply select the “Renew Now” option on your Record homepage.

How do I establish an NCARB Record?

Your NCARB Record keeps track of your education, experience, and exam progress. It will be used to support your applications for initial licensure and NCARB certification. Go to my.ncarb.org and click “Establish Record” to create your account.

Who develops NCARB’s programs?

NCARB works with hundreds of volunteer architects to develop and administer our programs.