Ready to take ARE 5.0? We’re here to help. Explore each division to learn more about the content covered:

We also offer a number of tools and resources you can use to prepare for the exam, including:

ARE 5.0 Guidelines

The ARE 5.0 Guidelines includes everything you need to know about starting the ARE, scheduling an exam, going to the test center, and other important examination policies. Download the Guidelines for a step-by-step explanation of how to navigate ARE 5.0.

ARE 5.0 Handbook

The ARE 5.0 Handbook walks you through each division, providing specifics on objectives, sample questions, suggested references, and more.

ARE 5.0 Community

Have a test question? Looking for a study session? Need expert help? The ARE 5.0 Community is the place to be. Through the community, you’ll have access to exclusive prep videos, advice from architects who’ve taken (or helped write!) the exam, and more.

ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam

We offer a free demonstration of the exam, available through your NCARB Record. The demonstration includes 20 practice questions and will help you become familiar with the testing interface, question types, tools, and available references.

ARE 5.0 Test Prep Video Series

Our video prep series offers exclusive insight into each ARE 5.0 division with information on content, sample questions, and suggested references.

Approved Test Prep Provider Program

Expand your collection of study materials with these NCARB-approved resources.

ARE Update

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Our blog is full of helpful study tips and details about the exam, plus inspirational success stories and advice from recently licensed architects.