At NCARB’s June Annual Business Meeting, FY22 President Alfred Vidaurri Jr., NCARB, NOMA, FAIA, shared a new vision statement for the organization. Designed to encapsulate the objectives of NCARB’s Mission Statement, Strategic Plan, and Statement on Diversity, the vision statement will help frame NCARB’s work in the years ahead:

Ensuring safe spaces and places for all communities.

Approved by NCARB’s Board of Directors, with input from NCARB’s staff and volunteers, the vision statement provides a brief summary of the impact NCARB hopes to have on the architecture community and the public.

This statement, combined with NCARB’s Statement on Diversity and Mission Statement, highlights the organization’s commitment to encouraging greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in architecture. The statement is a part of NCARB’s updated Strategic Plan, which is used to guide the organization’s programs and initiatives.