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Destination Architect: 13 Schools to Implement an Integrated Path to Licensure (Sept-Oct 2015)

As part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate architectural licensure, NCARB has accepted proposals from over a dozen architecture schools to implement an integrated path to licensure.

ARE Update: ARE Transition Calculator Now Available (October 2015)

With ARE 5.0 launching in late 2016, we want to make sure you’re armed with the tools you need to succeed.

Destination Architect: Tools and Tips for Completing the Path to Licensure (July-Aug 2015)

Compare your personal timeline for completing the IDP and ARE to the national averages and much more in the <em>2015 NCARB by the Numbers.</em> 

ARE Update: 2015 ARE 4.0 Exam Guides Now Available (August 2015)

The ARE 4.0 Exam Guides include sample questions that reflect current AIA contracts and new writing standards.

ARE Update: New Candidate Agreeement (July 2015)

When taking the ARE, you need to be aware of some recent policy changes and a new candidate agreement.

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