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What are continuing education hours (CEH)?

One continuing education hour (CEH) equals one hour in an education program—such as  NCARB’s Monograph Series. The AIA refers to CEHs as learning units (LUs). Continuing education hours are required by most jurisdictions to renew your license.

Should U.S. architects seeking registration in Canada use the Tri-National Agreement?

No. U.S. architects seeking registration in Canada should use the streamlined  Canadian Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

Please note: To take advantage of the MRA between the United States and Canada, your principal place of practice must be a  signatory jurisdiction. If your principal place of practice is not a signatory jurisdiction, you may use the Tri-National Agreement.

How long do I have to pass a monograph quiz?

After you download your monograph, you’ll have two years and two opportunities to finish the quiz. If you would like to re-take the quiz for a third time, please contact our Customer Relations team at 202-879-0520. Subsequent retakes cost $25 each.

While quiz availability may change over time, courses approved for AIA learning units are generally available for three years after initial publication. Availability may be extended for select courses. It is our goal to provide two months’ advance notice before retiring any monographs.

How do I know if my degree is from an architecture program that is NAAB-accredited?

You can browse all current NAAB-accredited programs through the  NAAB’s school search tool.

How do I become an architect licensing advisor?

Interested in helping guide the next generation of architects? Contact  advisors@ncarb.org to learn more.

How do I add my education to my NCARB Record?

To add education to your NCARB Record, select “Education” and then “Add University.”

In order to fulfill your jurisdiction’s education requirement, NCARB must verify your education history. You will need to request that your school send an official transcript directly to NCARB using either your school’s transcript request system or our  transcript request form.

Note: if you use your school’s transcript request system, be sure to include your NCARB Record number in the notes section.

How can I volunteer for an NCARB committee?

The best way to get involved with an NCARB initiative is to  contact your jurisdiction’s licensing board. And be sure to opt-in to NCARB emails, so you’re the first to hear about new volunteer opportunities.

How can I join the Think Tank?

NCARB accepts applications for emerging professionals to serve on the Think Tank in late spring each year.  Learn more about the Think Tank.

How can I help with a Freedom by Design project?

Contact your  local AIAS chapter  to learn about Freedom by Design projects in your area.

Can licensure candidates access NCARB’s Monograph Series?

Licensure candidates with an active NCARB Record have free access to  NCARB’s Monograph Series. Plus, you can earn up to 10 hours of AXP experience by reading the  Professional Conduct Monograph series and passing the quiz.