We want you to focus on gaining the experience you need to become competent to practice architecture, not just logging hours. Between your NCARB Record and the My AXP app, you can seamlessly create, submit, and view reports from work, home, or on the go.

Keep in mind, you have to submit all hourly reports within the reporting requirement to receive full AXP credit.

To submit a report, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to My NCARB
  2. Go to your NCARB Record and click “Experience”
  3. Select “+ New Experience Report”
  4. Select your experience setting (A or O)
  5. Enter your employment or select your other experience type, then select the report format you will be using
  6. Enter your hours; your report will save automatically
  7. Review your report and submit it to your supervisor

Once you’ve submitted your report, your supervisor will be automatically notified via email. You should schedule a time to meet with your supervisor to discuss your report and determine if you need to make any edits. Once your supervisor approves your report, your Record will immediately reflect your updated hours.

Note: Your AXP supervisor will need a free My NCARB account to review and approve your experience reports, but is not required to have an NCARB Record.

Reporting Experience as an Architect

If you are an architect documenting experience toward the AXP, follow these steps. 

Changing Employment

If you change supervisors or employers while completing the AXP, remember to:

  • Confirm who will be your new AXP supervisor
  • Ensure that your current supervisor has approved any pending experience reports before leaving the position
  • Submit new experience as a separate report for approval by your new supervisor