The American Institute of Architecture Students’ (AIAS) Freedom by Design (FBD) program encourages students to put their skills to use in the real world by improving the safety and accessibility of homes and community spaces. Through FBD, students can earn experience and enhance their communities at the same time.

Available on campuses across the United States, FBD gives students the opportunity to change lives, gain experience, and interact with practicing architects and professionals. Whether you’re a student or an architect interested in supervising a project, reach out to your local AIAS chapter to learn how you can get involved with an FBD program or start your own.

Since 2016, NCARB has partnered with AIAS to support FBD by providing mentorship opportunities with members of state licensing boards and firms and by offering chapters grants for building materials. To apply for an NCARB grant for your chapter, contact the AIAS.