Parisa Ilchi

Parisa Ilchi-Bradley joined NCARB in 2014 as a Systems Analyst, managing all new and existing commercial off-the-shelf products, and is now the Assistant Vice President of Product Management. In her previous role as a systems analyst, she supported the vision of modernizing the Council’s technology, eliminating shadow information technology (IT) by creating transparency and collaboration across departments. She was also responsible for researching, selecting, and implementing software as a service (SaaS) solutions, helping NCARB move its software tools into the cloud. In 2018, Parisa was promoted to Product Manager, where she led a cross-functional team in the product strategy, design, and development of NCARB’s state licensing manager tool. She later went on to implement the strategy and overall development for the organization’s core products before being promoted once more to Assistant Vice President of Product Management.   

As the Assistant Vice President of Product Management for the Information Systems department, Parisa works together with senior leadership and colleagues across NCARB to define and implement the organization’s technological product strategy. She leads and promotes healthy technology discussions, aligns solutions, as well as finds and creates cohesion in existing and emerging product lines. Parisa is an innovative solutions developer and problem-solver who is committed to delivering value and impact for the user, and advancing the mission of NCARB.